June 22, 2024

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Apple’s Freeform Whiteboard

Apple’s Freeform whiteboard is a new digital whiteboard app that is intended for brainstorming sessions and collaboration. It will only work with Apple devices and will not be available on all iOS and iPadOS versions when they launch this September. But that does not mean it will never make an appearance on an iPad or iPhone.

Freeform lets you create and manage multiple boards in a single interface. It also lets you jot notes using the Apple Pencil and share PDFs, images, and web links. The app also supports FaceTime. All the changes are displayed in real time. Although the app is in beta phase, it offers many great features.

The first version of Freeform will be available on the iPad only, but the company plans to make it available for other Apple devices later this year. It will support iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura. The freeform whiteboard will be similar to Microsoft’s whiteboard. It can be used for brainstorming and real-time collaboration.

The Freeform whiteboard will integrate with FaceTime and Messages. You can start a Freeform session directly from FaceTime, and anyone using compatible Apple equipment can join it at any time. Changes are also tracked in a group thread in Messages. This means that it will be possible to work with colleagues or clients anywhere in the world.

The Freeform app works well across iPhone, Mac, and iPad. The pen and gesture recognition is excellent and it never misinterprets your gestures. Apple’s trackpads are the best in the business, so using Freeform with Apple Pencil is a breeze. It also supports Apple’s iPad cursor and works seamlessly with the new iPad OS 16 system.

The app is also designed to make it easy for everyone to collaborate on projects and communicate in real time. The Freeform whiteboard will be available on iOS 16 and macOS Ventura later this year. Essentially, the Freeform app is a note-taking app that adds collaboration features. It will have native FaceTime integration and allow users to share notes, photos, and doodles with each other. Users can even see each other’s cursor, as well as changes made in the group thread in Messages.

Freeform also supports most file formats, so you can use it as a creative tool. You can embed photos, videos, and PDFs and share all types of content. In addition, Freeform allows you to see what others are working on and make changes on their work. You can also start FaceTime calls with your collaborators using the same platform.