June 21, 2024

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The Gadgetmobile

The Gadgetmobile is an animated car that appears in the Inspector Gadget series. Unlike the vans in the original cartoon, it can change into any type of vehicle, including a police car and a normal car. It also has the ability to change its size, and has a robotic claw and “hilarious gas” to scare opponents. The Gadgetmobile first made its appearance in the 1991 film Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, and the car has since starred in numerous movies.

In the episode, Gadget tries to drop off Brain and Penny to their homes. However, his rusted limo is causing a mess, so he runs over the car and smashes it. Gadget is so upset at the incident that he starts to swear, but he quickly calms down when his new partner, Brenda, kisses him goodbye. The Gadgetmobile then turns on its rocket boosters and races towards the Claw’s limo at dangerously high speeds. Penny, the car’s owner, notices that Skittles have spilled out of the car, and she programs it to find Gadget and send him home.

Although the Gadgetmobile looks like a sports car, it actually looks like a sedan or a convertible. In the original live action film, the Gadgetmobile was a silver convertible, voiced by D.L. Hughley. In the 2003 sequel, it was a purple convertible, with D.L. Hughley reprising his role as Gadget. The film is also a comedy, and Gadget makes fun of himself, even joking about a 20-year sentence for the criminal.