July 13, 2024

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Top 5 Tech Blogs You Need to Follow

Technology blogs offer a wealth of tech information. They cover everything from gadget reviews to app tutorials.

Tech blogs often touch upon culture and entertainment as well, but it’s essential to stay abreast of the most up-to-date tech news.


CNET is a leading source for technology news, reviews and analysis. Its team of editors, reporters, photographers and videographers provide essential insight to stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly accelerating world.

Former CNET staff report that the site’s editorial content boundaries, which keep it separate from advertisers, were repeatedly breached after Red Ventures acquired it in 2020.

Former CNET staffers claim Red Ventures executives have pressured them into creating sponsored content, even against editorial ethics. Examples of this include on-camera video hosts being asked to appear in ads for companies the outlet covers.


GeekWire was launched in March 2011 by two veteran journalists – John Cook and Todd Bishop, along with startup veteran and investor Jonathan Sposato.

Tech-adept readers around the world rely on GeekWire for breaking news and expert analysis of today’s tech trends. Its content shines a global spotlight on Seattle’s growing technology community and its innovation.

GeekWire provides news coverage and essential resources for the Pacific Northwest technology community, such as its job board, GeekWire 200 startup ranking, Seattle engineering outpost list, Startup List database, Service Provider Directory and GeekWire Calendar. Plus it produces popular audio podcasts and video shows.


TechSpot is an authoritative source of technology news, reviews and tutorials. Established in 1998, it’s become a go-to destination for IT pros, enthusiasts and computer users alike.

TechSpot delivers cutting-edge technology news, analysis and product reviews to an audience of professionals and tech enthusiasts who seek technical depth. In addition, the site maintains a catalog of thousands of technology items.

TechSpot is managed by an experienced team of editors and writers, many with IT degrees and years in the industry. Most importantly, they all possess a deep-seated passion for computers and technology.


This website focuses on covering the newest tech news and trends. It boasts an active community of users who visit it frequently.

The site also provides its readers with a wealth of resources. Its content is divided into various channels such as social media, technology, business and entertainment to ensure readers always find something interesting.

Mashable boasts an international audience, boasting millions of pageviews each month and a staff of around 300 people at its peak. Furthermore, Mashable provides job postings and recruiting tools for employers.

Though pricier than other job boards, this site offers some features that recruiters will appreciate. Its candidate search tool is user-friendly and allows for the discovery of professionals within a certain radius of your city without paying for a subscription plan.


ZDNet is an award-winning business and technology news website founded in 1991 as part of CBS Interactive Tech’s family of websites such as CNET and Techepublic.

The site’s articles cover a range of topics, such as Windows 10, 5G, IOT, Cloud computing, AI and Security. Furthermore, it offers online courses and tutorials.

ZDNet boasts a global reach, with editions in the United States, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, it provides the UK Live feature which displays real-time news updates and comments on both its website and social media platforms such as Twitter.

MIT Technology Review

Established in 1899, MIT Technology Review is an internationally acclaimed independent media company whose insights, analysis and interviews explain the commercial, social and political effects of new technologies. Their authoritative journalism encourages informed technology decisions with purpose to make our world a better place.

The magazine covers cutting-edge research and developments across fields like biotechnology, nanotechnology and computing as well as more established industries like energy, telecommunications and transportation. Drawing upon their deep technical know-how, the editors gain unique perspectives on technologies while having unparalleled access to leading innovators.


Wired magazine is a highly regarded source that examines technology and how it shapes modern life. It also covers an extensive range of topics such as politics, science, and business.

It provides breaking news, product reviews and guides on the newest tech gadgets. This information is especially beneficial to those aiming to maximize their tech purchases.